Cordus Technologies Inc.

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We are a young and friendly company that makes a specialty out of providing a full package of software and hardware development services.
Our efforts and competence are the way to increase the business potential of your companies.
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About Us

Cordus Technologies Inc. specializes in providing a complete suite of software and hardware development services. Our company uses advanced technologies such as Python 3.10.1, Java SE 17, JavaScript ECMAScript 2018, PHP 8.1.1, Node.js 17.2.0, Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud solutions, and Microsoft Azure, as well as machine learning.

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What Technologies Do We Use?

Why Particularly Cordus?

The exceptionally competent and skilled Cordus team develops successful high-tech solutions for valuable clients around the world.

Using advanced strategies realized through innovative software & hardware-based approaches, we provide services for the modernization of agricultural equipment, medical facilities, or electronics.

The aspiration to optimize, modernize, and enhance digital systems, corporate ecosystems, and tech algorithms allow our customers and trusted partners to develop their business fast and hassle-free.

Enter the US, European, and Asian markets with the best-matching Cordus solutions.

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Our Clients Say

We asked the Cordus team about content development as part of our marketing campaign. It’s an awesome experience! Thank you for your professionalism and comprehensive approach to our tasks!

Linda HarrisonLead marketer

I am totally satisfied with the project management quality Cordus demonstrated for my company. I recommend this experienced team to my partners. We are interested in the following fruitful cooperation, guys! Well done.

Jack SamuelBusinessman

I am glad to get the best-matching engineering solutions that are required for my business scaling up. Cordus recommended optimizing our existing hardware with the help of new innovative approaches. Thank you for our enhanced performance.

Luis LibertonBusinessman

Ready to Discuss Your Project?

Feel free to contact us for consulting and great cooperation. Cordus is your reliable assistant when it comes to high-quality software and hardware development services.