About Us

Cordus Technologies Inc. specializes in providing a complete suite of software and hardware development services. Our company uses advanced technologies such as Python 3.10.1, Java SE 17, JavaScript ECMAScript 2018, PHP 8.1.1, Node.js 17.2.0, Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud solutions, and Microsoft Azure, as well as machine learning.

The exceptionally competent and skilled Cordus team develops successful high-tech solutions for valuable clients around the world. Using advanced strategies realized through innovative software & hardware-based approaches, we provide services for the modernization of agricultural equipment, medical facilities, or electronics.

The aspiration to optimize, modernize, and enhance digital systems, corporate ecosystems, and tech algorithms allow our customers and trusted partners to develop their business fast and hassle-free. Enter the US, European, and Asian markets with the best-matching Cordus solutions.

How We Work

Combining high qualifications in business tech solution development in the sectors of B2B, B2C, VIP, and SME with the experience of negotiating with C-level parties, we have established communications with large equipment manufacturers and can provide solutions for hardware and software optimizations & installations of good quality at the optimal price.

At the request of customers, we can modify the existing facilities to the necessary conditions or provide customized solutions for your business. We also offer integration scenarios for connecting equipment with warehouse, management, accounting, or CRM system programs.

The Cordus company’s CEO is Svetlana Shevchenko. “Our priority tasks are to fulfill the request as soon as possible while meeting clients’ expectations fully. We must guarantee a fair deal and demonstrate our 100% responsibility for the quality of the service. We require the same high demands from our partners – high speed, quality, honesty, and transparent command work for a common result.”

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