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5 More Trends in Software Development (Part 2)

By August 23, 2023Uncategorized

Software development is ever-changing today. More and more new approaches hit the market to simplify and optimize processes. In 2023, there is a range of exciting trends to consider. IT specialists should apply them for improvements in their digital environments and workflows.

5 Trends in Software Development to Consider

Speaking about the most hot-topic approaches software developers should take into consideration, there are dozens of ones. Some of the most exciting was observed in the previous Cordus blog post. The next five trends that deserve the attention of businessmen and IT specialists are:

  • Outsourcing;
  • Low code & No-code approaches;
  • Progressive web applications;
  • Hybrid software development;
  • IoT approaches.

Take a closer look at each of the above-listed solutions and select ones for your progress.

1 – Outsourcing

According to the latest data gathered by Statista’s team, about ⅓ present-day businesses apply the outsourcing approach to cover all the recruitment needs and fulfill HR requests in the context of the staff. That is why software developers, designers, and other specialists outsourced are expected to become the most common phenomenon in 2023. Outsourcing makes budget planning reasonable with no need to increase or overload the in-house human resources of the company.

2 – Low Coding & No-Code Approaches

Simplification & optimization as trends touched software development and began to transform this sphere significantly. That is why new solutions for coding like no-code or low-code are applied. The mixed approach is called LCNC. The main idea is to replace complicated traditional coding algorithms with digital solutions with minimum difficulties and a tech background.

3 – PWA as a Trend to Save Costs

Progressive web applications can make a difference when it comes to software development. PWA is used for cost-efficiency for startups. Additionally, the user-friendliness of the applications is reached more easily and faster with the help of progressive web app algorithms.

4 – Hybrid Software Development

One of the most popular approaches today is hybrid software development. Together with JavaScript, React Native is applied to bring apps and websites excellent interfaces and rich functionality. In the near future, it is expected that mixed-tech solutions for hybrid software development will be launched to stimulate progress via diversified approaches for coding.

5 – IoT (Internet-of-Things)

Business verticals today are impossible without IoT. It continues its expansion in the global arena. Daily operations become digitized and improve logistics infrastructures. Edge computing with centralized cloud platforms makes a difference in IoT development today and new software and IT algorithms for today’s businesses.

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