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Top Trends in Software Development (Part 1)

By August 22, 2023Uncategorized

Cordus is ready to introduce you to the most hot-topic trends in software development to keep track of and apply in 2023. It is likely that all these approaches will also be actual in the near future. Take a closer look at the top trends you should consider to perform well. Eyes on the prize, and let’s go!

4 Trends in Software Development You Should Not Miss in 2023

Let’s begin with cloud computing facilities available for all businesses today. In 2023, cloud technologies start collaborating with other tech solutions favorable for companies. For example, a happy blend is the tandem of communication apps and cloud-based programs. The same story is about the collaboration of cloud facilities with:

  • CRM software;
  • Public programs;
  • Hybrid applications for work (document flow, data management, etc.).

With the tendency to combine cloud-based solutions with other software for business, there are other win-win trends to consider. Among them are blockchain, AI-based IT solutions, IaC for management, and DevSecOps. Learn more about each approach to apply a single or even several for your projects’ progress.

1 – Blockchain as the Trend for Software Development

Several years ago, blockchain was associated with cryptocurrencies only. But now, software development can benefit from applying this technology for these and those procedures. Take a closer look at several ways of blockchain adoption for your business:

  • Blockchain-based logistics, automotive, and other supply chains;
  • Using blockchain for accounting software for energy consumption;
  • Blockchain is widely used for property protection and secure electronic voting.

There are different innovative ways to apply blockchain for business security, transparency of processes, and other cases.

2 – AI-Based Solutions in the Context of Software Development

Artificial intelligence can make a difference when it comes to modern businesses. For many reasons, today’s coders and other IT specialists practice AI-based solution adoption. For example, it is possible to develop applications and design websites faster. And these digital products will come with intuitive APIs.

3 – Infrastructure-as-Code for Software Development

Remember that all the microservices and APIs are about IaC that matter for present-day software development. With the help of this technology, companies can accelerate the performance of codes. Faster deployment of IT languages and algorithms takes place. Infrastructure-as-code is the win-win approach to get everything at once:

  • Management;
  • Automation;
  • Configuration;
  • Driving, etc.

Additionally, high-security standards are respected with the IaC practices. It is possible to transform your existing systems with this approach and bring the best configurations together with improved security policies and rules.

Additionally, programming languages can be improved with the help of artificial intelligence. AI-based solutions can be applied for the cloud, OS, CPU deployment, and other procedures. Easy debugging takes place with highly-intellectual testing/analytical work with artificial intelligence.

4 – DevSecOps Like the Evolution of DevOps

Meet the trend-new approach DevSecOps. If well-known DevOps is focused on traditional CI/CD algorithms, a newly-delivered one with the alteration of the security department in the context of coding. The app architecture planning takes place together with all the necessary security practices.

DevSecOps is an excellent trend for software development because it meets the main requirements of today’s digital environment. This approach allows increasing microservice adoption and enhancement of security strategies.

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