Cloud Storage

In the age of information, its protection becomes an important part of the activities of any company. Cordus Technologies helps prevent data loss and misuse by offering solutions for securely storing information in the cloud.

What We Offer

Our team uses Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure technologies, additional encryption technologies, as well as data transfer to cloud storage, which ensures their safe use on any devices and platforms. They can be used both for information about customers, company details, reports, and for intellectual property.

Cordus Technologies provides services in the following areas:

Cloud Storage

We help protect information on these platforms when customers use and transfer data to cloud applications


We make information visible as a series of characters for unauthorized users, which eliminates its improper use

Secure Payments

Our solutions help protect transactions with encryption

Mobile Applications

Our specialists help prevent data leakage from mobile devices

Web Security

We offer solutions that reduce the risk of private information being intercepted, such as passwords, credit card information, or personal data, by Internet browsers.

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