Development of the Micro-Service Architecture for the US Company

Most businesses are interested in their high scalability rates. It is possible to reach with high-tech solutions implemented. The Cordus team analyzed the existing ecosystem of the US company and suggested developing a tailor-made micro-service architecture for its digital-friendly environment.

The algorithm was pretty transparent for the client. Each stage was described in detail and discussed with the company’s representatives. This way, the ready-done solution met all the requirements and expectations of our valuable US-based customer.

Steps Being Done for the Micro-Service Architecture Development

First, all the tasks and demands were discussed to realize them through a tech background. Then, Cordus specialists initiated the procedures required for the micro-service architecture development:

  • The domain was understood. The IT specialists selected the best-matching solutions to apply domain-driven design and supplementary techniques.
  • The optimal technology is selected. The micro-service architecture is developed by Cordus experts by Kubernetes (an open-sourced platform).
  • Then, design for failure and implementation of security algorithms took place. All required approaches were applied, like retries, circuit breakers, fallbacks, bulkheads, and timeouts.
  • Testing methodologies are implemented as the next step. It is necessary to test all the processes developed before the following enhancements.
  • The Cordus specialist developed DevOps practices to improve both collaboration backgrounds and communication experience through the software developed in the context of micro-service architecture.

As a result, the client got the ready-to-use solution for business. Adopting the one-of-the-kind architecture with tailored features drives the ecosystem’s scalability and the project’s profitability in general. The cloud-based micro-services are the future of today‚Äôs business.

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