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Simplicity and availability of WebAR. For those who are lazy

Making an application compatible with all types of phones and operating systems is a difficult task, but successfully solved by IT professionals. No one suspected what could be the brake on a new direction?
Unlike virtual reality (VR) technology, which creates the effect of immersion in a digital environment, augmented reality (AR) is a kind of filter, a lens in which virtual elements are mixed with what surrounds us on a phone or tablet screen.
Everything was quite rosy until it turned out that users were in no hurry to download applications. Someone was lazy, someone did not trust the development, and someone simply did not have enough memory on his device. All developments for AR, first of all, required small, but effort - it was necessary to download the application.
WebAR popularity
That's why Internet-based augmented reality WebAR is growing so rapidly, its benefits are hard to dispute. WebAR does not need to be downloaded to a smartphone or tablet, it is available through a web browser.
WebAR поддерживается всеми основными производителями мобильных телефонов, такими как Samsung, Apple, HTC, Xiaomi, Huawei и другими, а также во всех основных веб-браузерах, включая Safari, Chrome и Firefox. WebAR позволяет добавить интерактивность любому рекламному посланию. Adidas, Coors и франшиза Spider-Man уже давно используют возможности WebAR.
Developing Web AR Solutions
Cordus Technologies Inc develops Web AR solutions. The availability of Web AR applications and the fact that they can be easily "loaded" through a browser make them popular and increase the reach of the audience of users. WebAR can work in most browsers, so there are no strict requirements for the user's device, and it doesn't matter if it supports AR.
Disadvantages of Web AR
So far, the performance of conventional applications is much higher than Web AR. Maximizing memory usage improves visual effects, animation, and interactivity. One of the problems of WebAR remains the limitations of the user's operating system. The web page has a certain amount of memory and this indirectly affects the visual quality and performance.
Keep in mind that when using WebAR, the user will always be limited by the speed of his network connection. This means that there may be a problem loading 3D models, complex animations, and large scenes with a high level of detail.
Web AR and Advertising
Cordus Technologies web AR specialists create virtual storefronts of online and offline stores. In order to virtually try on the outfit in the browser window, it is enough to use the smartphone camera.
Interactive online presentations and links that launch ads for augmented reality products are a new and increasingly popular marketing channel for product promotion.
Cordus Technologies uses the popular Vuforia Engine and creates realistic 3D visualizations using Google's new SceneForm SDK.
Web AR and Business
Web AR for logistics and warehouses will improve the processes of picking, packaging, delivery and inventory management. Introducing new Web AR solutions into your business is easy. Unlike virtual and augmented reality, which require downloading applications or having special equipment, this technology works right in your mobile internet browser.
You no longer need to send users to a third-party site. You can run the WebAR interface from any URL.
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