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Edtech Software Development. Software applications for distance learning

It's not an easy task to develop quality e-learning software. Both adults and children learn today. The convenience of online learning is hard to dispute. One click and you're in the classroom! No wonder the demand for different types of e-learning software has been increasing for years. The growing and evolving educational technology industry has embraced every industry without exception.
Online platforms, mobile apps, and new learning formats have simplified access to education and the learning process itself. Meanwhile, online and cloud-based technologies also provide exciting opportunities for both students and those who teach.
They say technology will never replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of great teachers helps students "move mountains"!

Cordus Technologies develops Learning Management Systems (LMS) and digital products for all who teach and learn. We are approached by university professors, experts and coaches, school teachers, hr departments and corporations. Cordus Technologies experts will analyze all your business processes, develop a platform for online learning based on the terms of reference, test its launch, consult on the issues of the already working application.
Before ordering software development, clearly define the purpose and mission of the platform. Create an image of a potential user in your head. Put yourself in his place and ask the question: would I want to start learning?
Obviously, there are important features that should definitely be included in any e-learning software development list. For example, an e-learning product is hard to imagine without a catalog of available courses or a "search" option.
On the other hand, the need for an online streaming feature or an AI-based test is not as important as the ability to log in, for example. That's why it's not a big problem if such additional features aren't included in the website functionality. One important feature is the ability to create and present content. The second must-have option is the ability to communicate within a course or application. Last but not least, don't forget the feedback and grading system. It's hard to imagine the learning process without getting grades and explaining what mistakes you might have made.
The platform should be functional and its use should be intuitive. Don't forget online chat, phone support, and a block of frequently asked questions.
With a well-designed interface, the program makes it easy to edit and add courses, create quizzes, and be able to view and rate open-ended answers.
Edtech applications not only reduce the cost of education, but also make it accessible, which ultimately leads to the democratization of education.
IoT devices make it easier for students to access the classroom in a digital environment. Whether they are in school, on the bus or at home, connected devices give students access to Wi-Fi and the cloud so they can do their work at their own pace (and on their own schedule).
Various apps also help students and teachers stay connected if students have questions or need to alert teachers to an emergency.
The most common online learning platform is the Learning Management System. This is e-learning software that allows you to create and distribute content for e-learning. A simple commercial LMS for schools offers basic functions for creating, delivering and posting online courses. Learning management systems provide a wide range of features. Basic features include tools for storing and managing courses and for assessing student learning.
Most LMSs for schools are web-based and can be customized to meet the requirements of any educational institution or business offering student or employee training. Customization can include gamification of courses, setting time limits and costs, adding compliance rules, and more.
Cordus Technologies creates EdTech:
- platforms for streaming, webinars, tests and exams
- Training applications, LMS, automated learning systems
- Artificial Intelligence-based applications
The core of almost any e-learning software consists of a number of functions. They can be divided into three categories: learners, lecturers, and administrators. Cordus Technologies will help you write an in-depth platform structure, think through all the interactions between users. Currently, the market is overflowing with different offerings. That's why it's important to analyze the experience of an existing product before developing your own.
You can either create some kind of general online learning platform or develop something new to fill an empty niche.
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