Equipment Selection and Reprogramming

Cordus Technologies is keeping pace with the times and is engaged in IoT (Internet of Things). We help companies improve productivity with this technology. There is no need to change all the equipment: we provide devices that connect all the mechanisms and allow operators to control the process.

How does it work?

First, we investigate the process, find out the needs and develop a solution. Then customers purchase IoT devices and install them in production premises. After that, the devices are IoT adjusted, connected to parts of the production room and to the network. Then users create an account in a special application that will allow you to manage equipment with additional IoT devices.

We are also reprogramming your existing equipment for new tasks. We can extend the functions of your construction equipment with improvements to Java SE 17 technology. Or we can integrate your software with third-party hardware. Cordus Technologies provides both software and hardware for this process. Our specialists will ensure the correct implementation of technical solutions from the first to the final stage.

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