How will I know that you offer the best software development solution?

Cordus Technologies Inc. always offers the solution that best meets the customer’s needs. Not only is it the most effective for the overall business, but in the end it has an impact on the profitability of the overall project and the return on investment.

Who have you worked with before?

We are industry agnostic, so we don’t focus on any one particular industry. We have developed software for companies operating in: retail, science, logistics, finance and construction.

How do you calculate the cost of a project?

Very often a simple application at the beginning grows into a large project. Therefore, in the first approximation, the development of any software is divided into stages. This allows you to get preliminary figures, simplify the specifications of each stage, and make the final budget finite and measurable. The project manager collects and documents all customer requirements, then Cordus Technologies Inc. analyzes the idea as a whole, creates a detailed terms of reference, selects the right technical solution, parses the functionality, and agrees on a plan and budget with the customer.

I would like to get in touch with you. How will our cooperation proceed?

After the initial consultations and final negotiations, we proceed to the analysis of the customer’s business. This allows us to understand the client’s situation and objectives. Then, we hold preliminary talks, during which we discuss the development plan, technical requirements, carry out the calculation and cost estimation. Our preliminary research helps us to understand which solution suits the potential client better: a custom-made or off-the-shelf one. For complicated logic or important UI features we write automated tests.

Do you take on smaller projects?

Cordus Technologies Inc. works with projects of all sizes and create custom software solutions for both large businesses and small firms. If off-the-shelf software solutions are more financially and operationally beneficial, we will definitely recommend them to our potential customers.

Who are your clients?

We enter into a non-disclosure agreement with all customers, and we don’t even post their logos on our website. Knowing that Cordus Technologies Inc. not only makes great code but is also true to its word, both large companies and small businesses entrust us with their projects.

How do you handle task prioritization before and during a project?

Prioritizing tasks on a large project can be difficult. Cordus Technologies Inc. uses an Agile approach and proven prioritization methodologies, as well as modern tools that help visualize the data. Before work begins, we agree on a list of project requirements with the client, breaking down the voluminous parts into smaller parts and regularly demonstrating step-by-step deliverables. This list stays active and can change depending on changes in the client’s business priorities.

Are you open to cooperation with start-ups and other technology companies?

Yes, of course. We already work with several partners in various fields and are always open to collaboration. The developers at Cordus Technologies Inc. are experts in most of today’s technologies, using rigorous coding standards and industry best practices.

Do we want to change the development firm? Can you refine what others have done?

Figuring out someone else’s code can be difficult. We not only create completely new applications from scratch, but also modify existing projects at the request of our clients, perform code audits, and fix logical and functional errors. After that, we offer our customers new solutions that will increase the efficiency of their software.

How quickly can you start developing our software?

We get to work very quickly, but you should keep in mind that starting the actual development depends on many factors: situation analysis, definition of the scope of work, project complexity, required capacities, client’s readiness.