Maintenance and Support

The launch of the project is not the final stage of development. There may still be changes or corrections caused by new trends, requirements, or needs. New functions and requirements are constantly emerging in the world. If you leave the project after the basic functions are developed, you will reduce the life cycle of the project. Continued project support ensures that the lifecycle is increased and the software is kept up to date.

Cordus Technologies provides maintenance in the following areas:


Each project must be tested for compliance with the set requirements before entering the market. To get a quality product, we conduct additional testing in real-world use. To do this, we place the software in special conditions that ensure that the product will perform the specified functions during real start-up.


Introducing new products or services requires software changes, such as additional features and capabilities. We can help you create them and integrate them with other platforms, applications, tools, or devices.


IT solutions need improvements to work properly. New technologies are emerging to increase efficiency and open up new opportunities. Their presentation helps improve user interaction.


Making changes to the database, adding or deleting functions or information can cause malfunctions. Errors also occur due to external factors or system failures. Our company provides operational support to resolve problems as soon as possible.

Cordus Technologies works with a large number of professionals specializing in various fields. This allows us to develop any solution and solve any problem as soon as possible.

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