Marketing Mix for the Project

The successful launch of the product is not only affected by the quality of development and the qualifications of employees. First of all, success is assessed by the market. If its value is appreciated by consumers, then the product will be commercially successful. To increase the chances of success, you need to invest in building the right marketing system.

To do this, we provide additional services that are based on the classic marketing system of the 4R mix (product, price, place, promotion):

Audit of existing marketing system

Evaluation of existing marketing by our specialists.

Market Research

Product Demand Research, Group Focus Survey, Market Player or Supplier Interviews, Capacity and Market Perspective Assessment.

Creation of a creative concept

Creation of a history user, description of the target audience, concretization of product requirements.

Promotion strategy

Assessment of coverage strategy, selection of communication channels, creation of advertising materials and creatives.

You can order an Audit from our company. Our specialists will conduct a detailed analysis of your product according to 238 evaluation criteria. And then you can understand the weaknesses and opportunities for development. Contact Cordus Technologies to increase your chances of success.

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