The wide range of services the Cordus company provides clients with is impossible without our significant partner network. The idea is that we have trusted relationships with numerous vendors, businesses, software & hardware providers together with competent individual specialists for perfect decision-making tasks. Our partners give us an opportunity to meet all the customer’s requests and demands in full scope.

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How we Work?

We have a unique and effective process of work:


When a customer makes a request, Cordus divides it into several tasks and sends them to partners.


The partnering parties have their brainstorming sessions, analytical research, and other efficient processes to bring the best-matching solutions.


After partners are ready to offer solutions, we analyze all the delivered strategies and scenarios to confirm them before sending everything to the customer.


If the courses of action are approved, the development teams start working on the project.

To provide the best quality and meet deadlines, Cordus controls the process from A to Z. Though customers work directly with partners, we are aware of every detail starting with the initial stage of the project and finishing with the last corrections. Our team helps to reach an understanding and makes the process of development clear, fast, and effective.

Cordus & Partners: The Best Results for Your Business

The Cordus company highly appreciates the loyalty of its clients. That’s why we always try to optimize the use of customers’ funds and achieve the best balance between costs and solutions. You can count on the perfect price-quality ratio. Customer satisfaction is one of our key values to guarantee an excellent final result.

Cordus works with only reliable partners. But if it happens that they fail to provide a proper solution, we find other performers for the required task. New service providers are also approved by the customer. This approach allows us to ensure reaching the goal, meet the needs of a client, and enjoy the outcome that is going to boost your business.

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