The Implementation of Augmented Reality for the Client from the UK

The Cordus team initiated AR improvements for the British e-commerce market player. Augmented reality was implemented as ready-to-use solutions to scale up the client’s business, make e-commerce apps of the customer mobile-friendly, and transform the customer experience into an extremely smooth process.

Steps Being Done for the AR Implementation

Augmented reality was implemented as the algorithm for higher UX rates on the client’s website and the mobile application for shopping. The Cordus team offered the following solutions:

  • AR for better purchase decision (furniture configuration, virtual room parameters, design patterns, etc.);
  • AR for customization of the item possible in the shop (color, size, left/right disposition, etc.);
  • AR technologies to visualize any shopping item on the website and in the app for pocket screens.

Additionally, all the required settings for 5G technology implementation were done by our competent specialists. AR accompanied with improved network bandwidth brings enhanced customer experience.


Finally, both augmented reality-based algorithms and 5G settings were implemented successfully by the Cordus experts. The client from the United Kingdom stayed satisfied with the positive changes in the context of market outreach, conversions, lead generation, and other statistics. For example, lead generation showings increased 10% in a month. +17% regarding conversion rates got our client in 2 weeks after all the tech updates.

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