The Implementation of IoB and Web 3.0 for a Retail Company

The Cordus team suggested implementing two of the latest technologies to improve one giant European retailer’s customer service and marketing background. The first approach was IoB (Internet of Behavior). The main idea was to automate all the insights received online about the target audience, including users’ behavior patterns, social network recommendations, hashtags, etc.

But all these digital dust pieces are systemized and collected as an archive to analyze them properly for marketing strategy optimizations and other win-win tactics to attract more buyers. AI helps to understand various human behavior patterns due to the insights. That is why IoB is like the update or the add-on to the well-known IoT approaches.

Regarding the second solution, Cordus suggested implementing it as soon as possible was Web 3.0. This concept is one of the most contemporary tech tendencies to take into consideration if you are for digital-friendly business development. The main idea is about:

Users get more freedom. However, the data they provide is exclusively essential for the businessmen for analytics, marketing, and other types of research.

Web 3.0 is friendly to IoT devices and decentralization approaches. There is no third-party control that present-day Internet surfers love.

Blockchain technology is used. That is why security measures are at the top level. Users’ data is significantly protected.

That is why the retailer has a trusted digital environment accessible through IoT devices. Potential buyers can count on blockchain technology and encryption to provide any sensitive data risk-free. This way, the company increased its reputation and improved the digital-friendliness of its retail business.


The Cordus team was interested in the fast and result-driven improvements. That is why both solutions were tailored to the retailer’s business in total. IoB and Web 3.0 implementation brought more helpful insights to the company, better marketing experience, deeper analytics, and totally enhanced security measures.

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